ISU partners with College Greenlight

ISU has partnered with College Greenlight, a platform started by Cappex in 2012, to further its diversity recruitment efforts. College Greenlight is the leading online college and scholarship search platform focused on the needs of first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented students. Greenlight’s 275,000 registered students come from its network of more than 1,200 college access organizations and other community based organizations (CBOs), who use the site to help their students research colleges, learn about new colleges, organize their college lists, and find scholarships to fund their education. In addition, organizations can use College Greenlight’s counselor tools to track and measure student progress. In the state of Illinois, Greenlight’s network includes more than 40,000 students and 130 organizations, including Chicago Scholars, One Goal, Collegiate Scholars Program, Illinois Tech Global Leaders Program,  and ISAC.

Through the Greenlight platform, ISU is able to send targeted messages to students who meet our recruitment parameters (e.g. grades, area of interest). Through its organizational network, College Greenlight has cultivated an incredibly diverse pool of students (nationally more than 70% of students are African-American or Hispanic/Latino). By using Greenlight’s student messaging features, ISU is able to generate new interest from students from underrepresented communities. College Greenlight also helps connect ISU’s recruitment team to college access organizations/CBOs who can become pipelines of diverse students. More and more colleges across the country are seeing CBOs as sources of diverse talent and looking to establish partnerships with these organizations to recruit high-achieving underrepresented students who will be successful on campus. In 2016, ISU hosted a very successful “Diversity in Insurance” event, which was attended by several organizations from College Greenlight’s CBO community.